Sonoma Mountain Charter Elementary School has a very active group of parents and teachers whose goal is to make our school a great place for learning. We work hard to raise money through various fundraisers to help support the programs and activities that enrich our children’s lives. We also support activities that help build a strong sense of community. It is the community that we have built that makes SoMo a special place and one that you can be proud to send your child to. 


SoMo PTA Rocks!


Support your children and your community by joining Sonoma Mountain PTA! Below is a list of programs, activities and projects that the SoMo PTA has funded over the past several years.



  • Classroom grants for all teachersto purchase classroom supplies, as well as funds for our librarian, kitchen, technology, P.E. and more
  • Technology and support to maintain and upgrade the computers used by students and staff
  • Computer instructional assistant
  • Rainy day games and playground toys
  • Scholarship Funds (field trips, 4th grade Gold Country trip, and 6th grade Outdoor Education Camp)
  • Landscaping
  • Emergency backpacks and First Aid supplies for each classroom, the library and the office
  • P.E. Supplies
  • Field Day Snacks
  • Magic Bag for Library
  • Climbing wall for the playground
  • Playground tables and benches
  • School garden
  • Funding for an additional crossing guard
  • Curtains for stage performances
  • School counselor
  • Art supplies
  • East Side Relay t-shirts



  • All Assemblies
  • Band instruments and repairs
  • Funding for Art Adventure Week
  • Support personnel for music program
  • Morning Math
  • Science Fair
  • eLibrary Subscription
  • Teachers' Choice library books
  • Microscopes
  • Book Fair
  • Library books & supplies
  • Museum visits and field trips for all grades
  • Walk Through History
  • Parent education nights
  • Passport Days



  • Back-to-School Breakfast
  • Ice Cream Social
  • BINGO Night
  • Movie Night
  • Harvest Festival
  • Student Directory
  • Community Book Read
  • Art Show
  • Family Fun nights
  • Walk-n-Roll to School Day
  • Annual Gala
  • Dine & Donate events
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